About YashmStone:

  We are an Iranian producer, distributor & exporter of various Decorative & Building stones, enjoying a successful track-record of over 40 years of serving & servicing the local, regional & international stone market.

   Yashm Stone Co. was established 40 years ago, in Kahrizak District of Tehran, with a production and storage facilities of 30,000 square meters. Yashm Stone Co. is one of the pioneering firms in Iran's Stone industry and its staff, through time, has accumulated unique capabilities and skills to meet the ever changing demands of natural stone lovers.

   The aim of its management and production teams is to establish a long lasting bond between the company and its customers. With more the 40 years of experience in stone industry, we have the capacity to fulfill a vast variety of needs and demands in this field. WE will be proud to be at your service and help you to enrich your construction projects with the endless beauty and variety of Persian natural stones. www.yashmstone.com

Yashm Stone